We Know They Can

I was overwhelmed by how many of our families at home had reached out to me today about last nights blog. There was a sense of relief knowing that their camper wasn’t the only one that may have had some serious pre-camp nerves and may have been faced with dealing with homesickness while here at camp. So many emails asking if it was their daughter I was writing about, and a ton of messages thanking me for writing about the perils of homesickness and how we help your children through this very real experience. When you at home try to piece together your children’s experience from a photo or a quick frame in a video, or their absence from either, please know that like in life at home, there are incredible days and those that feel less than fantastic. This journey that you have sent them on does enrich their lives and allows them the opportunity to navigate friendships, conflicts, homesickness and everything in between. The smiles you see on the vids and pictures are as real as real is. Even if you get a glimpse of them on the outside of the group or sitting alone peacefully reading a book, your mind may wander and try to create a story of sadness and despair. Not knowing all the details to what you may see or read in a letter written at a time when they may have felt down is a killer and though life is great here, there are those experiences that are challenging for our kids. Those moments are as necessary as the ones of total elation, joy and happiness here at camp. When you are surrounded by love and support, it gets you through those moments you think you can’t handle. When missing mom and dad seems overwhelming and you can’t handle it for one more night, the sun always rises here and your kids get through it with a warm loving embrace. They learn that a friends hug or a counselor just listening to them can make just about anything feel better. So yes, sad moments exist here but the work your kids do to get over their mountains is really what camp is all about and we hope from our hearts you know that we are here to catch them when they fall. They are stronger than you think and more capable than at times you may give them credit for. We see it live everyday as we watch your children step up, face and deal with their fears and learn they can do just about anything. That is why you send them to Chenny!!!

You win some and you loose some but here at Chenny, every game played is an opportunity to learn something you didn’t know. We are so proud of our Chenny athletes and the effort they put into every game they play.

Middy Boys Basketball – CAW 18 vs. Wayne 31

Inter Boys Tennis – CAW 0 vs. Wayne 5

Senior Boys Basketball – CAW 37 vs. Starlight 49

Super Boys Soccer – CAW 9 vs. Wayne 1

Our Navajo kids, had an incredible night watching the Scranton Railriders play ball on a perfect summer night. What says summer more, than watching a baseball game, eating a hotdog surrounded by your friends. The smiles say it all as they had a relaxing night at the stadium.

Cherokee and Mohican campers (Freshman – Collegiates) enjoyed their evening watching the video taped auditions of our new Chenny’s Got Talent Competition. we have some incredibly talented kids here and the competition is stiff. From singers, to musicians, to dancers to comedians. They all brought their “A” game. We all cant wait for the live shows. Stay tuned to see our crazy talented cast.

Chenny out.