When it rains, it still pours fun.

Early this morning, our Supers boarded the buses and off they went for their 4 day adventure to Virginia/D.C. and they were pumped. They all eagerly got up at the crack of dawn, grabbed some breakfast and you could see how excited they were to head off camp for an incredible trip they have ahead of them. They were giddy and the smiles said it all. This trip brings this group of kids together as one division. It bonds them unlike any trip they have been on before here at Chenny. They are ready for this 4 day experience that is all about them as a division. The sights they will see, the places they will go and even the bus rides is just them. Every year I love watching this group leave and get so excited when they return because something magical happens on this trip. They spend 4 days with ones another, without distraction or interruption. They grow together as a group and the memories they make form this journey together defines them as a unified division. They had an amazing first day as they stopped along the way at Towson Mall for some lunch and shopping followed by an afternoon that went into the night at Kings Dominion Amusement Park. They had a ball and are back in their rooms, exhausted from a full day of fun. They are loving it and it’s only day 1.. More fun to come tomorrow.

Our Seniors left soon after on their own trip to Hershey Park. They get to spend 2 full days at the park and they too are loving this trip. It rained a bit at the park today but our campers could care less. They were with each other, eating chocolate like it was going out of style and loving every minute. We also saw that it truly doesn’t matter where you go but who you go with that matters. You could go to Disneyland by yourself and you would probably have a not so great of a time but you can be with your friends sitting in your backyard and have the time of your life. Rain or shine, these kids loved their day at the park and loved being together. They are back safe and sound in they hotel room, and they too exhausted from a long day.It’s an early rise tomorrow morning as the head back to Hershey Park.

The GC’s trip is winding down and they are enjoying some down time in Phoenix in the pool and watermark at the resort. They have had a packed 10 days on the road and to say they loved every step of the way is an understatement. We cant wait to get our GC’s back but they have one more day to go and they deserve every second of this experience. They were so well mannered, kind and respectful along the way and we are so proud of each and every one of them.

It was a rainy day and if I can tell you how much we all loved to downshift, it wouldn’t do it justice. When it rains up here at camp, it’s an experience. Being on your bunk, cuddled up with friends, playing jacks or cards, listening to music and chilling out is something we rarely get to do. You know this days that you never want ti get out of your pajamas, well that was today. It felt lazy and it felt good. We loved today and a little rain cooled down camp and allowed us all to downshift and have a child out afternoon.

Our lower camp gymnasts had an incredible day at their competition at Bryn Mawr. We are so proud of our team who placed 3rd out of 13 Wayne County camps that competed today. We are so proud of our kids who worked hard and gave it everything they had. With smiles on their faces and Chenny pride in their hearts, they did their best and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Our Collegiate Girls softball team beat Westmont today in softball with a  3 -0 victory. Lucky for the girls, they got their game in before the rain hit. We are proud of our girls who are headed to the Championship game.

We had another incredible night of some serious Chenny talent. It was Cherokee Talent night and these kids brought the sparkle to our stage. They danced and sang and made us laugh all night long. It always makes me smile when I watch your children take center stage. Regardless if they stand alone on that stage or are with their friends, they have a confidence that is electric. There is just no fear and they feel so good about themselves. I stand in the back of Shields Hall with a smile that comes form my heart because I see your kids do things they probably would never do at home. I know many of you say, my kids would just never do what they do at camp back here at home. It is inexplainable how much I love to watch your children get up on that stage in front of their friends and perform. They just are never alone at Chenny as they get cheered along the way followed by a standing ovation. It is just respect we show our friends here and it changes who we are. They are free to be silly and dramatic, they are encouraged to be perfectly imperfect. Missed dance steps and crackling voices just don’t matter here. The end result isn’t to be picture perfect but it is truly to bring the fun and joy of just getting up on that stage. Our kids get it and I am so glad they do because every performance makes us smile. It was a great night and it’s good to be a Chenny kid!!!

Chenny out.