A Jump In the Lake

Chenny won it’s first Championship of the summer and in true CAW tradition when we we win, THE ENTIRE TEAM JUMPS IN THE LAKE TOGETHER. They stand on the dock, hold hands and jump in together. Today our Inter girls basketball team beat Wayne in the Wayne County Championship Game. They were so excited  and full of pride that when they came back to camp you could hear the horn honking which means Chenny won!! They jumped out of the van and went directly to the waterfront with only one thing on their mind, to jump into that lake with their teammates by their side. It is a thing we do here and I was watching this amazing group of girls stand so proudly on that dock, and grab one another’s hands, looked at each other and counted 1..2..3. and as a group they all jumped in together. What a moment that was and one they will never forget. They were fully dressed in their uniform and loved every minute of that celebration. They ran through camp giggling with laughter and everyone knew they had brought home the Championship!!! We could’t more proud of the teamwork they had to bring home the win.. What a great day for our Inter Girls Basketball team.

Senior/Super Girls LAX – CAW 4 @ Westmont 9

Super Girls Tennis – CAW 0 @ Wayne 5

Tonight our Supers had their Road Rally which they all split up into teams and ran like crazy al throughout camp doing tasks for a giant scavenger hunt. It is a traditional event for this group before they head out to Virginia/D.C early tomorrow morning. It was such a great night for these awesome kids who have been having an incredible summer. Every single Super is so beyond excited for their trip tomorrow and got to enjoy a huge ice cream party tonight as a send off for their journey tomorrow.

The Seniors are getting as equally excited for their trip to Hershey Park as they enjoy 2 full days at this Chocolate Heaven. They head out in the morning and can’t wait. So much fun for our navajo kids.

GC’s spent their day at the Grand Canyon and were in awe of its beauty and vast magical hold on them. They sat together and experienced this wonder together as a camp family and that made this experience more special than they ever imagined. These kids have been so appreciative and grateful for these incredible experiences and that has made this journey so special. They have arrived at their final destination on this trip of a lifetime as they spend the next 2 days resting and relaxing at the most gorgeous resort in Phoenix. We cant wait to get them back here!!!

The rest of camp enjoyed Minute to Win It tonight and loved every minute if it!!! They laughed as they watched their friends compete with the most hilarious tasks to be completed and timed. It was a race to the finish and all the campers were on the edge of their seats.. Another outrageous and fun Chenny night!!!! There is no place like Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Chenny Out