The Power of Making Friendship Bracelets

There was a large group of  Junior girls in jewelry making that spent their time in Arts & Crafts making friendship bracelets for one another. They each picked another camper to make this symbol of friendship for. The table was full of colored string, happy smiling faces and a mission to create friendship bracelets for everyone at the table. It was group activity that involved and included everyone. The best part was listening to all of their conversation that was had during this group experience. They chatted and laughed and connected with one another as they spent their time creating something beautiful for a friend. As they finished each bracelet and put it on the wrist of their friend, it bonded them together as they experienced the act of giving something from their heart, something they made that had meaning behind it. I watched one camper slip it on the wrist of her friend and apologized for a few missed spaces and knots that were accidentally there to which the recipient said with so much enthusiasm, ” It’s perfect and I will never ever take it off.” The girls were as excited to make these bracelets as they were to receive them. This group of girls proudly walked out of Arts and Crafts arm in arm, hand in hand all wearing the most beautiful hand made bracelets we’ve ever seen.

It was fun day of sports.. sports…sports…

Inter Girls Tennis – CAW 1 @ Wayne 4

Collegiate Girls LAX – CAW 10 @ Starlight 11 (game went into overtime)

Middy Boys Hockey – CAW took 2nd Place in the Tourney @ Wayne – CAW 2 vs. Wayne 7

Super Boys Baseball – CAW 8 @ Starlight 2 – CAW going to Championship

Congratulations to our outstanding Campers of the Week:

Freshman  –          Lila Klasrfeld    & Ben Diamond

Juniors –         Abby Isaacson & Trent Hernandez

Middies –      Addison Goldstein & Ari Hirshfield

Inters –        Sarah Lord & Jonah Marcus

Collegiates –    Lexi Tave & Jared Simpson

Seniors –      Sophia Jaffe & Colby Frankle

Supers –    Nikki Younger  & Mike Hellerman

CIT’s –   Carly Wills & Josh Liebman

It was time to honor more KIND CAMPERS and these kids are spreading the kindness at camp. We just could be more proud of: Annie Isaacson, Lexi Heifler, Pepper Margulis, Rachel Farhi, Jordana Ruderman, Sarah Gershman, Melissa Borker, Bari Klein, Jordana Reissman, Zoe Grabow, Skyler Adamchak, Alex Brandoff, Ben Diamond, Ben Gruberger, Aaron Hafkin, Trent Hernandez, Justin Horowitz, Michael Kalina, and Jerry Kessler. Keep on Being Kind!!!!

Everyone loves to watch Brad Henderson as he gets our staff into a deep trance and hypnotizes them right in front of our eyes. His mesmerizing voice gently guides our staff into a deep sleep and has them do the most hilarious things on stage. Our kids belly laughed so hard it was contagious. Watching our male staff dance like Britney Spears and bark like seals and twirl around like prima ballerinas in front of the entire camp while under total hypnosis is just hysterical. The counselors who were up there were convinced they fell asleep and have no recollection of what just happened to them. That made tonight all the more hilarious. Tonight was just another incredible night of hilarity at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Chenny out.