Fanny Friday

You may or may not have noticed the craze for fanny packs at Chenny this summer and let me tell you that it’s really a thing. I have to admit that I started the craze this summer when I busted out an old fanny pack for convenience and ease. Carrying everything around camp that I needed was just so much easier when it was in my fanny pack so on day 1, I was rocking the pack. It caught on like wild fire on girls side and every day at least 4 or 5 new fanny’s arrive in packages you send from home. Girls side is wearing these throwback waist purses with so much pride. The fanny’s were out in full force yesterday at the baseball game but even on a regular camp day like today, girls were proudly wearing them. They are a badge of honor for girls side and it is now a movement. You can hear campers walk by one another and say, “Happy Fanny Friday”. I saw a group of “fanny” girls compare what was in their packs and this one camper had it packed to the brim full of items she deemed absolutely necessary for her day. As she explained , she had a set of jacks, because you just never know when you want to get a game going. She packed chapstick because her lips were chapped. She needed hairbands because she was on her way to get her hair french braided so that was a must. She had a stick of suntan face lotion to which I was very proud of her being responsible for her reapplying throughout the day. She had hand sanitizer hanging from the outside and the sweetest thing of all was in her pack as she carries a letter from home. I asked why she carried that around too and she told me that it made her feel like her mom and dad were right here with her all day long. She thanked me for bringing the fanny pack to Chenny this summer and with that I hugged this sweet girl and I knew that my small little act of bringing out my fanny allowed this camper to have a piece of home with her all day long, right at her fingertips.

Our athletes had a ball all day long playing the sports they love.

Inter Girls Basketball – CAW 24 vs. Lavi 11

Inter Boys Basketball – CAW 27 @ Westmont 14

Inter Boys LAX ┬áTournament @ Wayne – CAW played 2 games and went o for 2 in tourney

Super Boys Soccer -CAW 14 @ Island Lake 2

The evening was absolutely perfect. You couldn’t get more campy that what happened tonight at Chenny. All of Cherokee was in Shields Hall playing Quest. It is this insanely fun game that has a little of everything, singing dancing, acting and you cant explain it but love doing the QUEST. Mohican camp had a pool party tonight followed by s’more at the beach. It was so beautiful tonight at the lake and the sunset just took our breath away. Novajo campers LOVED their tail gate party. They were at the top of the hill, some playing frisbee, some sitting around the camp fire, some making s’mores, some just sitting eating chips and listening to music, some played wiffle ball but all together having one amazing tail gate party. Our Navajo kids have brought the positive this summer and you can see it in their faces and feel it in how happy they are. It was a perfect summer night for all our kids. We miss our GC’s and so happy they are loving it in Vegas. Today was a standout day and a remarkable night. Life is just so great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Chenny out.