It’s Hot at Chenny

Can you say AMAZING DAY at Chenny!!!!! What an incredible day each and every one of has today. The temperature was hot so all lower camp campers got into their bathing suits and played water games all day long. There was a giant pool party, water relays, kickball with water balloons and the Zone was the place to be. There wasn’t a camper who didn’t have the BEST DAY today.. It was one of those days that will stick out as the summers best for our youngest campers. They just enjoyed themselves at camp as all the older kids were off on their trips, the younger kids took over and it was off the charts fun. Today reminded us how special it is to be a kid here at Chenny. A lot of music, a ton of water, some insanely creative activities and put all that together and you have some very happy campers.

Collegiate’s left early this morning for their trip to Great Wolf Lodge and they had a blast too. They spent their day at the water park and so enjoyed their time there. The entire day was spent in the water and it was a perfect day. They came home exhausted, exhilarated and happy. You couldn’t ask for more as they got off the buses with huge smiles and sleepy faces.

Our Seniors rolled back into camp late tonight from their 2-day excursion to Hershey Park and this group of kids LOVED it. It was a homerun as they ate chocolate, rode rides, spent hours in the water park, won huge oversized stuffed animals at the arcade and had the time of their life. It was a perfect trip for our Seniors who had a ball these past 2 days. Another successful excursion was had by our Seniors.

The Supers are still on the road and spent their day at Virginia Beach. It was hot so no better way than to cool off than playing in the ocean. They relaxed and tanned, talked and jumped in the water and had a picture perfect day at the beach. It was off to Busch Gardens for some evening fun but soon after the group arrived, the rain came so it was back to the hotel for a pizza party and this group loved it. They are having so much fun and loving this excursion. What a terrific group of kids who are so enjoying this trip together.

Our GC’s are headed home as they depart Phoenix in a  few hours. They land in the morning and will be back at camp by lunch. We miss them and can’t wait to see them back at their summer home. They just went on a trip of a lifetime and we couldn’t be happier for the experiences and adventures they had. The CIT’s had a full of exploring Ithica and its natural beauty. All our kids had an amazing day. From the Freshman to our CIT’s, it was just the best day. One that sticks out as a pretty awesome day in summer 16. How lucky are your children to get to experience summers like this. You have given them a gift that will forever be etched in how they were raised and what experiences help shape them into the people they are growing into and becoming. When they look back at their summers at Chenny, days like these will standout!

Chenny out.