Our day started with a bang. Our GC’s rolled back into camp and there was just joy as they got off the buses. When camp heard that they were back, campers swarmed around Chenny Central waiting to see our Wandering GC’s come back home.They made signs and as those buses rolled through the gates, we were all jumping and cheering with pure joy. That is what makes this place so joyful. It’s where everyone knows you name. Little kids, big kids, counselors, nurses, head staff, we are ALL CONNECTED to one another here. You see it by the hugs and piggy back rides we give one another all throughout the day and when our GC’s came back this morning, they were greeted with hugs, cheers and so much love. All of us wanting to know just how great their trip was. Just like a family, when one member comes home form being away, we anxiously await their return and thats how it was this morning. I sat watching this spectacle of love, smiling from what we have going on up here. Chenny is a place¬†where everybody knows your name.

We are so beyond proud of our Lower camp girls who took 1st Place at the Tyler Hill Dance Competition. They worked so hard on their dance and it showed as they wowed the judges with their ability, technique, stage presence and overall effect. They were a force to be reckoned and had a blast of a day dancing all the way to 1st Place!!!!

Ineter Boys Basketball – CAW 29 vs. Morasha 43

Collegiate Boys Basketball – CAW 24 @ Tioga 39

Seniors Boys Hockey Tournament @ Lokanda РGame 1 CAW 1 vs. Timberlake 4 РGame 2 CAW 1 vs. Lokanda 5

Though we are in July, it was Halloween tonight at Camp Chen-A-Wanda and we all got in the spirit. We all got dressed in our costumes and had a ball all throughout camp as we trick or treated filling our bags full of candy. The costumes were awesome and everyone was in the Halloween spirit. There was spooky music all throughout camp and even a haunted house. It was the perfect summer halloween night. With bellies full of goodies, our campers are fast asleep, dreaming of another amazing day in paradise.

Chenny out.