It Takes A Village

We have heard that phrase before and at camp it certainly does take a village. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t sit in awe of what kind of village we have here. The term village applies to every aspect of this experience. People who just met only 5 weeks ago are now family. You cant walk by people here without feeling the strongest connection. There was a camper that was having a hard moment today. She was sad and stuck and immediately had 10 people around her. I watched not only her bunk mates and counselor but 3 older campers and a specialist that wasn’t even in her division , go to her and give support. She had a a team of people to pick her up. Whatever disappointment she was feeling was immediately seen by anyone who walked by and was drawn to help her. They listened to her, hugged her and got her through this moment. I want you to know  that this is how your kids get through the tough spots here. It is the magic of leaning on others that give a helping hand. It is a village who cares for your kids here. There is nobody that doesn’t receive this support here. Can you imagine feeling sad and have people, lots of people rush to you and tell you its going to be alright while they are literally putting their arms around you? This actually happens here on the daily here. I often tell our kids here that the only way to move that mountain in front of you is to lean on those around you and they will carry you through. It works.. I see it everyday as your children get support and provide it for others. There is this caring thing that is alive and well here and we get to experience this for 50 days, all summer long. feeling pretty grateful that there is a place where this attention too caring for others is front and center.

It was time to play some games today and that we did.

Middy Girls Soccer – CAW 0 @ Starlight 5

Senior Girls Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Westmont 5

Senior Girls Tennis – CAW 0 @ Wayne 5

GC/CIT Girls Soccer – CAW 5 @ Westmont 2

Freshman/Junior Boys Hockey – CAW 4 @ Starlight 20

Inters Boys Softball – CAW 3 @ Seneca Lake 4

Collegiate Boys Baseball – CAW 6 @ Starlight 4

Senior Boys Baseball – CAW 1 vs. Westmont 9

Magic Cube entertained our lower camp kids with an awesome game show full of trivia, games and a pie in the face. Our kids loved it and had a great night. There was so much laughter coming from Shields Hall tonight. Navajo campers were in the Lodge and played QUEST. They were all separated onto teams wearing different colors competing against one another in crazy quests. They loved it too. It was just an awesome camp night with all our campers having fun. It’s going to be hard for these kids to go back home after spending every night here being engaged and entrained.. The life of a Chenny kid is uber fun!!

Our Supers rolled back into camp full of memories they just made that will last their lifetime. So many stories, so much bonding, so much fun and so much LOVE. This group became one division this trip. They left as a bunch of bunks and came back a DIVISION. This is what the camp journey is all about. These kids have spent summer after summer here at camp and their Super summer, they bond like no other summer can provide. It happens on this trip. The endless hours on the bus in which they connect, and get to know one another in a way they haven’t before. They now have inside jokes and stories that belong to them as a group. Getting caught in a down pour in DC to literally sweating bullets on the beach in Virginia- they did this together. When they got off the buses, though exhausted from a  very full 4 days, their joy was undeniable. Every single camper, hugged us and thanked us for a trip that was their best. One camper summed it up so beautifully as he said, “Just when you thought camp couldn’t get better, it just did.” He thanked Jon and myself , hugged us both and walked off to his bunk with a smile that was so genuine, it made my heart melt. We have known these campers for years and to watch them get to this stage is joyful. They have grown up in front of our eyes and this trip was so meaningful to each one of them. Life is so great.

Chenny out.