Welcome Home Chenny!

After 10 long months of waiting for this day, it is finally here. Our house is full and we are happy up here in our little world of paradise. Our campers stepped of the bus and were welcomed with open arms, giant smiles, huge hugs and an excitement that makes you feel good from head to toe. There is just nothing quite like watching this scene as each bus rolls through our gate and campers enter a world of happiness, joy and so much love. Campers were flying into their counselors arms and these reunions could just melt your heart. Our new campers were wide eyed and so excited to meet their new friends and counselors. Within seconds, the magic happened and connections were made. Our campers got right into activities and ice breakers. We were outside, breathing in the beauty of where we will live for the next seven weeks. There was conversation, piggy back rides and human connection without a phone in sight. Your children played outside all afternoon and couldn’t get enough of it. The joy that swept over this place is truly awe-inspiring.

Our Staff has worked diligently these past few weeks getting ready for today but something special happens when the kids arrive – CAMP CHEN A WANDA LITERALLY FINDS ITS HEARTBEAT. They bring an energy and peacefulness that makes our house a home. I was sitting with a new camper in his bunk that was nervous and a bit teary. His bunkmates were outside having a catch but noticed their new buddy wasn’t dealing with his transition as easily as they were. Each camper came over to this boy and offered words of encouragement but most importantly they offered their friendship. There was no agenda with these amazing young boys, just an offer of kindness and support. I witnessed the best part of humanity at that moment as these kids embodied kindness to a level that took my breath away. They saw a new friend who was feeling unsure and scared and they put their hands out and brought him in. In a world that could feel overwhelmingly isolated and unfair – these boys were inclusive and kind. And we’re only on day 1.. This is looking to be an incredible summer.

It was off to our first dinner with a full house and it was INCREDIBLE!!! The music was pumping, the kids were singing at the top of their lungs, dancing on the tables and smiling from a place that looked as if it came right from their heart. This freedom to fully let go and embrace this experience allows our kids to feel comfortable in their skin knowing they are not judged but encouraged to be and feel free. Our kids need this and they get it here. It was an absolutely incredible day at Chenny and there wasn’t a moment today that I wasn’t overwhelmed with gratitude to be able to spend our summer with your kids.

Day 1 was a success and we are just getting started.

Life is Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Chenny out