Under the Apple Tree

It was our first full day and we are all getting into our groove. It didn’t take long for our campers to feel right at home. There were happy campers playing baseball, flying on the trapeze, working out in the fitness center, singing in the School of Rock. Camp was rocking today and kids had a pep in their step. It was just a giant good mood here at Chenny and it was contagious. I watched as group of kids sat around the apple tree and one camper pulled out a deck of cards and started a game of War. These kids didn’t need Netflix to fully occupy themselves. Instead it was 52 cards, good friends, lots of laughs and an afternoon that filled their souls. I found myself watching this incredible group of campers all period long and it was mesmerizing. There were jokes and lots of conversation and the most fun game of War I have witnessed.¬† They had a ball just being together. It was magical and it is exactly what camp life is all about. It’s the reason that friendships are on a different level here. It’s because your children are authentically themselves here and sitting under an apple tree playing card games is so much better than Fortnite. Screens are replaced by faces. Conversations rule. Holding hands beats¬† holding a device. It was just an incredible day at Chen-A-Wanda.

Our evening activity entertained the entire house. We had 2 insanely talented guys that took drumming to a whole new level. Our stage was covered with trash cans, pots and pans and buckets that were turned into the most fun drum show we have ever had here at Chenny. The kids were jamming along and loved every minute of the show. It was high intensity, it was comedy, it was crazy fun and your kids LOVED it! Just a great way to end a fabulous first full day. The best news is that we get to do this all over again tomorrow. To say were the lucky ones is an understatement. So here is to more card games sitting under apple trees, more laughs with great people by our side and more days and nights filled with good vibes. To say we are lucky to have this experience is an understatement. We cannot wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

Chenny Out