We Shine at Chenny

Hard to believe campers have been here for 19 days. We have done a lot these past 19 days and we have so much more to do. For our new campers, I am sure the thought may have been daunting, thinking about how your camper would do for 1 night and here we are at day 19. What an accomplishment and it is something to celebrate. Having our first visiting day since 2019 couldn’t be more exciting.  It’s been a long 4 years without you and we are getting camp ready for your arrival on Saturday. The feel of Visiting Day excitement is most definitely in the air.

Kids got back to playing some great games today. They played hard, they played fair and the definitely gave it their all.

Freshman/ Junior Girls Basketball – CAW 20 @ Westmont 4

Middy Girls Basketball – CAW 21 @ Wayne for Girls 18 (Red)

Middy Girls Basketball  – CAW 12 @ Wayne for Girls 20 (Gold)

Inter Girls Soccer – CAW 9 @ Lohikan 0

Inter Boys Basketball – CAW 44 vs. Lavi 48

Camp is where we shine and tonight we were as bright as the sun. Tonight was our  Camper Talent Show and this night is by far my favorite evening activity. Whatever I may be dealing with at camp is on hold because there is just nothing better than watching your kids on our stage performing for us all. The energy in Shields Hall was electric. It is a combination of the kids finding the courage and feeling the freedom to get on that stage in front of the entire camp and the support and encouragement the audience gives back. It’s incredible. There wasn’t anybody in Shields Hall tonight that didn’t feel something incredible. We live for nights like this and it’s why we all keep coming back. When Freshman camper, April Pollirstok sat at the keyboard and played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, every single person sang along with her. It was magic. Or Junior,  Zach Adler brilliantly telling jokes to a crowd so engaged and loving every line. Everyone had such a great time, that having a Camper Talent Show Part II is a must do this summer and we can’t for it.

Our Seniors returned tonight from their incredible overnight trip to Hershey Park. The rolled off the buses with shopping bags and Hershey Hoodies, exhausted and happy. A great trip for this amazing group campers.

The Supers get back from their Virginia Beach adventure tomorrow and we cant wait to hear all about it!

It was another great day up here in paradise.