Life is Great

We were back to regular camp business today with perfect weather that allowed all our campers to be outside and to play all day. Just a picture perfect day and exactly what you want you for your kids at camp. Nobody was laying on a couch or in their room watching Netflix. Your kids were outside playing hard. They were getting tubed around gorgeous Fiddle Lake and they were playing cards with their friends at the apple tree.  Days like these are easy and simple and fill us up with what we need. It is why Life is Great at Chenny!

Sports, sports and more sports!!!

Collegiate Girls Basketball – CAW 24 vs. Lohikan 6

Collegiate Girls Tennis CAW 5 @ Poyntelle 0

Freshman/Juniors Boy Baseball – CAW 6 @ Starlight 7

Inter Boys Softball – CAW 14 vs Poyntell 4

GC/CIT Boys Basketball @ Tyler Hill / CAW 49 vs Starlight 61 / CAW 36 vs Island Lake 58

Tonights evening activity, Live Band Karaoke came to Chenny and the campers on stage were rockin’ out. They had a live band behind them as each group sang their song of choice. It was fun, it was live and it was awesome. Every day spent here, presents very unique experiences that uplift and inspire our campers. Tonight was again one of those incredible nights that allow your kids to feel free, creative, fearless and happy!! What is better than that ?