One More Sleep

We are getting ready for our first Visiting Day in four years and we are so excited to have our families back at Chenny. Today was dedicated to getting camp ready and we are soooooo ready for you!!!

Some wins.. some defeats but Visiting Day is tomorrow so we are all GREAT!!!!

FR/JR Girls Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Starlight 6

Middy Girls Soccer – CAW 6 vs. Westmont 1

Senior Girls Tennis – CAW 1 vs. Westmont 4

GC/CIT Girls Basketball – CAW 39 vs. Starlight 16

Fr/JR Boys Basketball – CAW 30 @ Wayne 34

Senior/Super Boys Softball – CAW 3 vs. IHC 4

GC/CIT Boys Hockey – CAW 12 vs. Wayne 3

CG/CIT Boys Soccer -CAw 1 vs. Westmont 2

Congratulations to this weeks Campers of the Week. You are outstanding in every way!!!!

Girls Side: 

Freshman – Ava Wahler

Junior – Lily Ockner

Middies – Livi Paul & Dani Portanova

Inters – Gabby Hasenbein

Collegiaties – Carly Holztman

Seniors – Jordana Kohen

Supers – Zoe Lederman

GC – Sammy Witz

CIT – Sofia Levy

Boys Side:

Freshman – Jacob Feldman

Junior – Chase Harz

Middies – Brandon Carrasquillo & Matthew Zemble

Inters –  Bennet Schwartz

Collegiates – Trevor Wenstein

Seniors -Nate Wellikoff

Supers – Cade McClure

GC’s – Evan Benisch

CIT’s – Austin Bernstein

Kindness is everywhere on camp and we love it. Our Week 3 Kind Campers are incredibly kind, amazing campers and so deserve this recognition!!!! – Girls Side: Emily Udler, Liv Hirsch, Olivia Penson, Avery Leahy, Emerson Bodner, Mia Goldberg, Lela Schlanger, Meri Jacobs, Cami Cohen, Dylan Tacktill, Layla Bruno. Boys Side: Ryan. Blumenthal, Aiden Thaler, Gabe Barasch, Justin Cowan, Drew Kastin, Cole Pruss, Luke Holod, Ethan Marin, Cooper Offerman, Max Coffman

There isn’t a person on camp that isn’t going out of their mind with excitement for tomorrow. The weather forecast is beautiful and we are ready for you!! It’s been too long and we can’t wait to get our families back on camp. Just a few more hours to go until you hug your babies!!

See you in the morning 🙂