Welcome Chenny Families to Visiting Day

Thank you to all of our incredible Chenny families who came to camp and made today spectacular. It has been four long years since we have had our amazing families here and today was just perfect. The vibes on camp felt great and we hope you loved your day at Chenny.  There is just nothing sweeter than watching you run to your children and hold them tight. That moment when you get your kids back in your arms is when everything is right in the world. No matter what precedes that moment – the heat, trying to balance the giant baskets you are shlepping as you run to the bunks or the pace in which you fly by whoever is in your way – nothing can stop you from getting that first embrace and it is sweet to see. The anticipation on your kids faces as they so desperately want to see you grab them off their porches is a sight that will never get old. Family is everything and when the band is back together, all is right in the world. We loved watching your family reunite and spend the day enjoying each other.  There was a basketball game between a group of Dad’s, campers and staff on Shields court and the Dad’s, by far were having the most fun. Everywhere you looked, families were having an absolute ball together. You trust this process and believe in camp and for that we thank you. We thank you for sharing your precious children with us as we do our very best to provide them with experiences that will enhance their lives and hopefully make them better people.  We see the profound effect this place has on everyone that came to camp today and we are so very grateful for being a part of your story.

There were so many amazing moments that unfolded in front of our eyes today and we are so incredibly grateful to be able to see how important camp is for your kids. It is why we do what we do – all to enhance and impact the lives of your children. To let them feel safe and secure in a world that may not always feel safe and secure. We hope today gave you confidence that your kids are in the most perfect place, surrounded by the most supportive and caring people.  Thank you for supporting us and trusting us with your beautiful children. Many of you came to me today and shared how you love reading my blogs. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me as I truly never know if anyone out there reads them. I try my hardest to give you all a birds eye view of the magic we experience here everyday and the fact that so many of you found me today and told me how much you love my words, means the absolute world to me.

We hope your Visiting Day was outstanding and was exactly what you needed. We have four more weeks of this amazing place and we plan to make each day better than the next. Thank you for your love, support and appreciation for how we take care of your babies. Your kids make us better people and we are so grateful for each and every single one of them. Visiting day 2023, it’s a wrap!

Life is Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda!