A Great Day of Trips!!

There is something quite special about heading out of camp on trips with your campies. Everyone is wearing their camp shirts, there is ton of excitement about what the day will bring and everyone loads the buses to some amazing fun places. It unifies us as a group, as we exit our gates for some fantastic adventures. It was an absolute beautiful day and a perfect day for some fun Chenny trips.

Freshman, Juniors and Middies had a great day at Aquatopia. They spent their day getting wet and wild in the waterpark and loved it.

Inters & Collegiates spent their morning jumping around at Skyzone and if that wasn’t enough fun, their afternoon was all about ice skating.   As the kids rolled back into camp and off the buses, they were exhausted but so beyond happy. The kids looked beat but exhilarated, tired yet satisfied. A perfect long and fun summer

Seniors had their first overnight at Hershey Park. It was a day at the park full of fun and rides and there was no lack of chocolate and great times. The campers were so excited to be there and their smiles said it all. What is better than riding rollercoasters, eating chocolate and hanging with your best friends. Days like today is why our summers are so memorable and special and these Seniors will forever remember their fun trip to Hershey Park.

It was a huge day for our Supers as they headed out to their first overnight trip to Virginia beach with a stop today at Kings Dominion amusement park. Trips for our older kids is such an incredible experience and they look forward to it all year long.

GC’s got busy at the high ropes climbing course Gorilla Grove. The challenged themselves and soared to new heights. They came back to camp and rolled off the buses  exhausted and tired but oh so happy. It was all smiles as our incredible group of GC’s loved their trip day fun!!

The CIT’s headed out to spend the night camping at a nearby camp ground. They pitched their tents, cooked their food, sat around a campfire roasting marshmallows, telling stories and laughing together. They are having the best time together, hanging it nature and making memories that will stay with them forver.

All campers are back at camp or at their hotel or campsite, safe and sound and exhausted from their fun day out. We have a late wake up tomorrow to get some extra zzzzz’s and enjoy a an extra 45 minutes of sleep. The kids went bonkers when we announced it on their buses and cheered in appreciation. Morale is high here and the next big celebration is when you all come to join us on Saturday. Visiting Day is just 4 days away and we all can’t wait to show you how much fun were all having up here.