A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way

After 3 days of Olympic mayhem, we were all so excited to get some extra sleep this morning and we all needed it. It was a gorgeous day at camp and everyone was ready to get back to our normal activities. The sun was shining and the weather was perfect. We had a delicious brunch and all was right Camp Chen-A-Wanda. Two weeks have literally flown by and now we are sliding into Visiting Day. We wish we could slow down time but there isn’t a moment we aren’t appreciating and a second we aren’t grateful to be here.

We had a full schedule of games today on both boys side and girls side. Apologies to you at home, but I will be posting scores tomorrow from today’s matches. Just know that your kids had a ball and played hard today. It was a great day to be a Chenny athlete.

Our evening activity was a new camp favorite and an old camp tradition, Awards at the Amphitheater. What starts out as a giant dance party and sing-a-long, ends with Camper of the Week and Kind Camper Awards. Such a fun night with the entire camp present, celebrating our awesome campers in the most spirited and supportive way. When each camper heard their name called, everyone cheered in support. When one wins, we all win!!

Congratulations to our Campers of the Week.

Girls Side: 

Freshmen – Chloe Hiatt

Juniors – Layla Goldberg

Middies – Brynn Wolper & Jolie Schissler

Inters – Olivia Johnson

Collegiates – Morgan Blatter

Seniors – Ella Ogulnick

Supers – Sammie Keane

GC’s Rachel Sukoneck

CIT’s Febe Wasserman

Boys Side – 

Freshman – Blake Purcell

Juniors – Evan Freeman

Middies – Jake Blitz & Alex Orlando

Inters – Cole Pruss

Collegiates – Logan Shapiro

Seniors – Tyler Roth

Supers – Jake Marin

GC – Max Roth

CIT – Zac Penson

After our Campers of the Week, it was time to honor the Kind Campers among us. We love our kind kids as their spread joy all throughout Chenny!!

Mattea Siegal

Jolie Weiss

Maya Park

Lyla Goldstein

Chloe Hiatt

Alex Bass

Haley Eichenbaum

Maya Porat

Lexi Greenblatt

Haley Plotnick

Sofie Girantana

Natalie Portnoy

Addison Rubovitz

Dylan DeGeorge

Ben Teicher

Brady Kotler

Dylan Gold

Chase Pillersodorf

Andrew Marcus

Beji Spivak

Cooper Agulnick

Syd Havens

Ryan Katz

Trevor Weinstein

Mason Shulman

It’s Trip Day tomorrow and everyone is ready for their awesome adventures. It just keeps getting better and better!!!