Wanda Wednesday

We are at day 5 of our summer 2022 summer and I always say that a day here feels like a week. When you see campers already creating such close bonds and it has only been 5 days, it makes sense to us. Not even a full week and we are in full stride. That is why friendships are rooted in deep connection – because spending so much time together  in this environment brings people together in the most meaningful way. We create not just a community up here but a family. Everyone knows one another and it is happening in real time and it is the magic of why we keep coming back. The feeling we are creating up here is real and everyone can feel it. So much fun, so much love and so much more summer we get to experience ..

“You Miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky

Middy Boys Basketball @ Poyntelle  – CAW 48- Poyntelle 2

Senior Boys Tennis @ Poyntelle – CAW 3- Poyntelle 2

Inter Girls Tennis @ Poyntelle – CAW 5 – Poyntelle 0
Collegiates Girls Softball  – CAW 10- Poyntelle 2
We all danced to Rak Dan tonight who is a true camp Icon. We Wobbled and Dougie’d and Cupid Shuffled all night long. There is nothing quite like a Hall full of happy campers letting loose and dancing. You would be amazed and inspired how every single camper was up and dancing. Even those of you at home that couldn’t imagine your camper up and dancing, they did! Everyone was up and everyone was dancing and it was electric. Such a fun night. There is just nothing better than letting loose, feeling free and dancing with a giant group of people who are feeling the same sense of total freedom. It was just a great way to end our great day.