A Day They Will Not Forget

Two Champions from the New York region of a new elite 1v1 professional basketball league, OBL came to Camp CHEN-A-WANDA today and it was an absolutely incredible day for every single person who was lucky enough to experience the magic of today. I have spent 16 summers at this beautiful place and without question, today ranks as one my most favorites. There was a feeling that was felt by every single person on camp today and basketball was just the backdrop. It was Who came through our gates that made today feel so incredible in combination with every single camper and every single staff member that made this day so impactful.

Let me explain,  Zach Radz from Albany and Isiah “Leaky Roof” Brown from Queens are two of the best one on one basketball players in the country. Their game is insane and their skills are off the charts but what they brought today was pure gold. It was all one on one basketball today and everybody was involved and locked in, even if basketball may not be their thing, it was today. We had tournaments and dunk sessions and of course 1v1 battles but these 2 hoopers spent the day with your kids and gave way more than tips on how to improve their game. Zach and Leaky, though not your traditional celebrities, they sure were today because your kids embraced them with such adoration and with so much love. The energy that was at camp today could fuel a rocket ship to the moon. From our 7 year old girls to our 16 year old boys to every corner of our staff from the health center to circus, couldn’t wait to take pictures with, get autographs from and just hangout and be near these true champions. There were so many connections made today and every camper and staff just wanted a bit more time with these 2 great people.

As the sun set and the days events had come to a close, both Zach and Leaky just didn’t want to leave. They, like the kids wanted a bit more time too. Your children, became one of the players in todays magic. Crazy to say that an appearance made by 2 basketball players turned into something way bigger than an appearance made by 2 basketball players. They ate in the Lodge, in and amongst the kids  and even went to tonight’s evening activity. It became super apparent  how they not only impacted our camp family , but how our camp family impacted them. I knew this occurred when I watched Leaky, in the middle of a group of counselors and kids sang along at the top of his lungs too “Let It Go” at tonights staff talent show. Something definitely special happened today and your kids, ALL of your kids played a part in the true magic of what happened on camp today.

When you have your first call with your camper coming up soon, don’t forget to ask them about Zach and Leaky. There is just no doubt this was a day your kids will not forget.