The Simple Things

Where can you find a group of 14 year old boys sitting around a table playing card games for an hour? N0 phones, no Netflix, no distractions. Just 6 boys and a deck of cards and good conversation. I walked into the canteen and found this scene play out for me. I don’t know the game they were playing and it didn’t matter. It was the company they kept and how a deck of cards allowed these boys to find joy and humor and ultimately friendship in these moments that happen daily here.  You are just an ask away from sitting in a group of friends, making memories and connections that will ultimately impact your life in the most positive way. It’s the simple things that make the most impact and sometimes a game of Gin with your buddies can blow away all the video games they play alone at home. Our kids are hungry for these connections and it is joyful watching them dive in and play.

Congratulations to our first campers of the week of  Summer 2022. They are exceptional campers who have gone above and beyond being incredible friends, great listeners and all around good humans.

Freshman – Blair Amster & Tyler Lefkowitz

Juniors – Livi Pall & Sammy Heinl

Middies – Julia Feldman & Greg Katzenberg

Inters – Samantha Rosenthal & Max Bernstein

Collegiates – Bella Kovacs & Nick Einzig

Seniors – Mia Koenig & Tyler Sugarman

Supers – Sammy Simson & Justin  Ghorchian

GC’s – Addison Rubovitz & Alex Ichiuji

CIT’s – Sydney Geller & Charlie  Butler

“Just play. Have Fun. And enjoy the game.” Michael Jordan

Middy Boys Tennis – CAW 3 @ Wayne 2

Middy Boys Baseball – CAW 3 @ Starlight 5

Senior Boys Basketball – CAW 48 vs. Weequahic 14
Girls Middy Basketball – CAW 2 @ Starlight 3
Inter Girls Soccer – CAW 3 @ Starlight 6
The entire camp headed over to Biddy City  for tonights evening activity where we had a BMX bike show that took our breath away with stunts that defied gravity. The kids oooh’d and ahhhh’d and loved this very entertaining night. Bikes flying through the air and somehow landing right side up. It was a great summer night and it’s just still getting started.