CIT’s Take Sign & Song

It was another picture perfect day at camp. Hard to fully fathom that we get to live in this place for the entire summer, surrounded by such beautiful nature alongside the kindest and most caring people. There is just no place like it and there is no wonder why once you are here you just don’t want to leave. Even our newest campers who just arrived only 7 days ago have made themselves right at home.

“We don’t quit. We don’t cower. We don’t runaway. We  endure and we conquer.” Kobe Bryant 

Inter Boys Baseball – CAW 4 @ Westmont 5

Freshman/Junior Girls Basketball – CAW 19 @ Westmont 22

There are camp events that truly define what Chenny is all about and Sign and Sing is one of those traditions that has lasted through time. It is a camp staple that you look forward to and tonight didn’t disappoint. Since we all rolled into camp just one week ago, the first big event is Sign & Song and girls have been practicing their since day 1 and for some divisions, the plan was set in motion months ago. Each bunk on both girls and boys side creates a bunk plaque. Every camper and counselor’s name is on it and that plaque will forever stay inside their bunk. It is a reminder for years to come that they were here in summer 2022 and left their mark.  It is a reminder that you were here and you were part of the fabric of this amazing place. Well tonight was our night and it was incredible. The energy inside Shields Hall tonight was absolutely insane. It was a packed house and with every dance girls side performed, they were cheered on and encouraged by everyone inside the hall. It is an incredible sight to see an entire community come together in support of one another. Congratulations to tonights winners:

Best Plaques: Lower Camp Girls – Bunk C, Candy land / Upper Camp Girls – Bunk S, Squid Games

Best Plaques: Lower Camp Boys – Bunk B, Boo Bees / Upper Camp Boys – Bunk W, We Are The River

Best Dance: Lower Camp Girls – Bunk F, Fergalicios / Upper Camp Girls – Bunk W, We Are Royal Family Dancers

We have seen so many incredible performances over the years but tonights dance by our CIT’s (Bunk W) was incredible. These girls put on show unlike any we have seen. The crowd went crazy and stood on their benches screaming “W” after their performance. There was no doubt that this group of CIT’s left their mark.

There was such joy inside Shields Hall tonight. Tradition ran strong and there wasn’t a camper who didn’t have the time of their life being a part of true Chenny history. No matter if this is your 1st or 8th summer, you became part of this experience that forever bonds us together. Camp traditions like this define why there is just no place like Chenny.