Airplanes, Trucks and Helicopters

I stumbled upon some Junior boys sitting outside Arts & Crafts during free play today and they asked if I would get them a model airplane, truck and helicopter inside the building so they can build it together. My answer was of course YES but rather than just hand it off, I joined them and together we sat for an hour building these masterpieces. I typically find myself on girls side playing jacks or having my nails painted but today it was hanging with the boys for me. What a treat and I didn’t want it to end. We all built way more than the model structures in front of us. It was collaboration, it was conversation, it was discovering so much about everyone around that picnic table today. I learned that one of the boys wants to be a NBA player and an engineer and that another boy wants to be a professional chef and maybe an accountant too just like his dad. Together, we all built these wooden masterpieces and it took all of of us to get it done. I was loving the task we all had in front of us. This one was helping that one and somehow we all were able create something incredible that took teamwork to get done. At the end of free play, there was a table full of boys and me looking at the most beautiful airplane, truck and helicopter we all just built together. And the truth is, we built way more than the wooden models that we started with. We built trust and we built friendship. I was part of a moment that was brilliant and beautiful with a picnic table full of boys sitting around, building something amazing. There is magic in every corner here at camp and if you are lucky enough, sometimes you can be a part of it like I was today. The boys wanted to take the creations we made back to their bunk but gave me one to put on my desk. One of them said to me, “We want you to have this one so you can remember we did this together.” I got to keep the helicopter and will cherish this little wooden model forever.

“A champion is not defined by wins but how they get up when they fall.” Serena Williams 

Middy Boys Soccer – CAW 3 @ Starlight 8
Inters Boys basketball  – CAW 20 @ Westmont 28
Freshman/Junior Girls Soccer – CAW 9 @ Starlight 0
Collegiate Girls Soccer – CAW 4 vs. Westmont 3 (in overtime)
GC/CIT Basketball – CAW 24 @ Starlight 21
It was CIT’s vs GC’s in tonights Powder Puff Flag Football Game and the whole camp got in the spirit. Girls were fierce and competitive and bragging rights were on the line. GC’s got the first  touchdown but the CIT’s wouldn’t given up. The game was incredible but in the end the GC’s pulled out the Win. They were elated with joy and celebration! Another incredible night was had by all and no matter who won, we ALL won.