Just getting started

Camp is where your children rise to the occasion and help those around them that need an extra hand to get through a hard moment. These moments happen every day and even every hour and it is so beautiful to watch. You would be beyond proud of the care your kids provide to other kids. It is why the friendships made here are so deeply rooted in trust and kindness. Today, two campers were sitting with a new camper who was having a hard moment with homesickness. The two campers who were helping her, were sharing their stories of they felt exactly as she is feeling now. I watched in awe and heard them say, “We know exactly how you feel, and it goes away. Don’t worry, we got you.” That statement, “Don’t worry, we got you” really resonated as that is everything. They saw a new friend who they met just 3 days ago needing support, and they were there. Not being prompted by a counselor or asked by anyone. They took it upon themselves to help and be a friend. That small gesture can and did make a big difference. When our kids are kind, the world is just a better place.

It was a big sports tryout day and our fields and courts were full of athletes giving it their all. Basketball, soccer, softball, hockey and lacrosse were in full force, full of campers having a ball. Inter-camp games start tomorrow and the campers couldn’t be happier. Another reason why this summer is feeling back to normal. Our kids get to go to other camps and play sports and it feels GREAT.

Tonight’s evening activity was round robin and the kids had an absolute ball. Each division had their own activity and and everyone loved it. Camp was beyond fun today and it just feels so right. Smiling faces and kids just being kids and playing. Doesn’t matter if they are 7 or 16, they played and loved it. It was a great day at Chenny and we are so glad your kids get to experience the magic of Chenny.