First Day of Fun

The sun shined bright at camp today and as the official first day, it was perfect. Your kids woke up from the bugle playing reveille and hearing Brian Leahy’s voice with greeting them with “Gooooooddddddd morning Camp CHEN-A-WANDA. They will hear that same bugle and announcement, waking them up for the next 49 days. After the bugle and welcome greeting, Brian asks a trivia question and whoever is up and wants to try and answer it, runs to Headquarters and gives it a shot. The kids line up and the one who can correctly answer the morning trivia question, will receive a free canteen ticket. This process defines morning time at Chenny. It’s just what we do and it’s what the campers can relay on with certainty. It’s how we all start our day here at Chenny and it sets the tone for the amazing day we have ahead of us.

Then it was off to the pool for our swim tests and after our campers aced their tests, it was play time. The first full day of campers playing. There wasn’t a field or court or area that wasn’t full of happy campers. We didn’t waste a minute and the campers jumped in with two feet. It was just a great day full of fun and a day of kids being kids and just playing. Friendships are being made and you can see the connections happening right in front of your eyes. It’s just beautiful and why camp is the most special place on earth. I have watched and been inspired by the inclusiveness and kindness that I witnessed today. Our campers came to camp with an open heart to meet new friends and a willingness to let others in. We are building a community and everyone has open arms which is why these friendships are solid and long-lasting.

Tonights evening activity was spectacular as we all enjoyed and were blown away by the best magician ever. He dazzled us with his tricks and blew us away with his magic. Seeing may not be believing as we all saw what he did on stage but we still cant believe it. The kids loved it and the staff even got in on the fun. What a great way to get our evening activities going. Shields Hall was packed with sounds of “oooosss: and “aaahhhhss” and at times “noooo wayyyyy”. There was so much laughter coming from the show that our evening ended as our day started – just right!

And the great news is, we get to do it all again tomorrow.