Summer 2022 and Feeling Back to Normal

Today felt so normal and it was AMAZING. We have waited 3 long years to have the feeling we all had today and it was a perfect day. The sun was shining so bright on all of us and it’s just the beginning.

It felt great as all our campers:

Woke up early.

Made sure their bus bag had everything  hey needed.

Jumped in the car and headed to the bus stop (or flight).

Took that family picture before stepping onto the bus.

Found a seat and settled in.

Spent a few hours chatting with old and new friends on our way to camp.

Made that right turn onto Camp Road.

Felt excited and a bit nervous too.

Took that step off the bus and smiled for the camp photographer.

And finally, jumped into the arms of counselors and friends. 

This happened today and it was exactly what we all so desperately needed.

Summer is back in all its glory – no fear, no distance, no masks. Just joyfulness that we all finally feel normal at our summer home.

It didn’t take but a moment for our new campers to jump in the mix. I saw one new freshman girl hold her counselors hand and sweetly said, “Ive been waiting for this day for so long and its even better than I imagined.” The energy on camp today was electric and with each bus that rolled in, there was even more excitement that was hard to contain. It was just a giant burst of incredibly good vibes.

It was time for dinner and everyone gobbled up our traditional first night meal of spaghetti and meatballs. It was delicious and more than the food that filled us up was the dancing and singing we did together as a camp family. It was electric and it was so much fun to open camp with a giant dance party in the Lodge. If you could harness the energy in that room, it would light up the night sky. After we dined, it was off to Shields Hall for opening night where we introduced our staff, watched some incredible videos that we created getting them even more excited about what is to come. 

Your children are tucked in their beds, friends by their side, counselors taking care of them and soundly sleeping on their first night at camp. All is well in their world and we can say with complete confidence and pride that Summer 2022 is off to one incredible start. When the last bus rolled in and all our campers had arrived, we took a deep breath, smiled, embraced the moment and felt like the world just got a lot better.  

Thank you for sharing your children with us. We can’t wait to make magic with them all summer long.