Wanda Wednesday Fun

It was another great day at Chenny today. As we are still cohorting and spending time with our divisions alone, it has given the kids a chance to make connections and to reconnect. For some campers, this transition back into normal life was seamless and for others they are finding their stride and trusting the journey. Every day, every activity, every moment is an opportunity to meet new people and we are watching it in real time. We know how deeply excited everyone is to cross our next threshold so we can move on from cohorts and masks, and that day is nearing. Though we are all so excited to be one camp family, this time spent with just each division on its own has been really really nice.

As the campers were enjoying their afternoon activities, the skies opened up and the rain came down. There is nothing quite as fun as running through the raindrops holding your friends hands in a torrential downpour. The giggles and laughter were contagious. Moments like these stay with you always. There was group of Senior Boys playing basketball and didn’t stop for one second during the downpour. The game continued and they had a ball playing in the rain. Rain doesn’t spoil the fun here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda, it gives us an opportunity to make fun happen wherever we go.

The night was as equally as fun as the day as all lower camp played BINGO. It was an absolute blast with prizes galore and happy kids everywhere you look. There was a movie in the Chen-A-Plex, Dodgeball in Shields Hall and Baking in the Cookhouse for Upper Camp. Our campers are loving it and it just keeps getting better.