Life is GREAT!

The weather certainly has its plans for us and we are rolling with it. Two scorchers followed by a few rain days and we got this. Today was the kind of day when you wanted to stay in your sweats and curl up watching a movie and thats exactly what we did. It was a chill type of day and the kids loved it. You need this kind of day and we all loved this kind of day.One camper came to me at lunch and said, “Elissa, my mom calls days like this a re-charge day and I love to re-charge.” It felt like we all needed a slow0down until there was the best dance party where every camper and staff jumped up on our tables and let loose. They sang at the top of their lungs and danced with so much freedom. It was electric and our kids feeling so much joy and celebration is what we have all been waiting for so long.  Even on the rainiest of days, our kids let loose and embraced life. It was joyful and felt emotional watching our children experience these moments again.

We have one more test to go and that is tomorrow. We have one more step in this process and when those results come back the way we want and need them to, the party will only get bigger. The lodge will get louder and the masks will be behind us. Its been such a long road and we are at the doorstep to feeling pure freedom. Bigs and littles will get to hug, siblings don’t have to stand 6ft apart outside. We are right there and we are so incredibly proud of your children.

The night was stupendous with a Chipotle party for our oldest two divisions (SUPERSR and GC’s). There were Bingo parties, dance offs and cooking competitions and the night was just so much fun. We think about how much fun were having now and can only imagine when we get to one camp family. Life is GREAT!