One Week In..

The sun was shining, the mountain air was crisp and it was a great day at camp today. Today was our last PCR test and we are crossing all our fingers and toes for good results in the next day or two. Your kids were fantastic and testing was a breeze for everyone on camp. After the test, it was back to camp and the kids had the greatest day. Every filed was full, the pool was poppin’, the lake was the center of attraction, ATV’s were rolling, friendship bracelets were in the making and life at Chenny today was fabulous.

We heard from so many of you in the last 24 hours wanting to show appreciation and support to your kids counselors. You have no idea how much that gesture means to us. The job of being a counselor and caring for your kids as we all are coming out of our Covid caves is a unique experience to say the least. We are so very fortunate to have staff who are committed and vested in this experience and your recognition and support to them took our breath away. As we all became aware of the realities to what camps are dealing with this summer, your instant and swift kind gesture shows the true partnership we have together. Our singular goal is to provide your children the summer they so desperately need and your kindness to let our staff know how much you appreciate them makes all the difference. As our email to you noted, we are ensuring our staff feel supported, motivated and encouraged. Their experience is of the utmost importance to us so that they can take care of your kids and provide a summer that is EPIC. We are taking care of them and ensuring they are getting what they need. We thank you so much again for jumping into action and showing so much kindness.

We are one week in and 6 more to go. It only gets better from here. Life is Great.