The Feeling is Back

Something clicked today and felt familiar and oh so good. Though we are still cohorted and literally at the edge of the longest road as we wait for results, today felt different in the best way possible. Camp was packed with girls side practicing for their Sign and Song scheduled for next Saturday night. Watching each group of girls as they choreograph their dance and practice till perfected is the most reassuring and familiar Chenny tradition that always identifies that camp is officially underway. Sign and Song is a deep Chenny tradition and Girls Side is bringing the magic. The themes are adorable and the dances and amazing and we cannot wait to see the show. It felt normal and good and everything we have missed about being here at Chenny.

Love is in the air here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda and as we all went inside (masked) Shields Hall for our first all camp evening activity, it hit home how much we needed this night. It was a camp favorite show, The DatingGame. The show was funny and sweet but we were all together and that is what made tonight spectacular. As your kids have proven they can handle and deal with just about anything, they felt what Shields Hall feels like when were all in there together. We built a camp family and we laughed and cheered together tonight. It felt INCREDIBLE!!! The masks were just something we deal with and it didn’t take anything away from that feeling we all felt tonight. The feeling is back and no matter what the results are tomorrow, we know we can have that feeling of being connected to one another as we all do this journey together.  It was a remarkable day followed by and incredible night. We got that feeling back and it feel AMAZING!