A July 4th Like No Other

It’s been 18 long months, countless camper and parent zooms, endless planning meetings, months of following the ups and downs of the crazy world we have all been living and it all came down to this very moment. Nothing could quite prepare us for the burst of emotion we would feel. But when we found out that every single person on our camp tested, re-tested and then re-tested again NEGATIVE!! WE ARE NEGATIVE and we can’t put into words the feeling we all experienced tonight when we announced it to our camp family. The relief, the joy, the emotion was unreal. We have all worked tirelessly for this very moment and the feeling was beyond incredible. We all needed this more than anything. YOUR KIDS ARE SAFE and we have created a space for them to truly be free. We cried and cheered and hugged each other so tightly. Siblings ran to one another, friends embraced and the world seemed to feel normal again. We watched your children come out of their covid cohort world and jump into a life that feels so normal and right. Your kids deserve this, we all deserve this and we got here TOGETHER. Thank you for partnering in this with us. We needed you and we all did our part to make this happen for our kids. Thank you Thank you Thank you.. We did it!!!

Life is so GREAT at Camp Chen-A-Wanda!