Feeling Good and Living Free

After last nights celebration, it was onward for everyone at camp. Lets get the party started and there is no time to waste. Reveille rang this morning and it was up and adam. Campers had things to do, games to play and people to meet. So many of our Big/Little First Friends got to spend time together today and in the next few days, we will hold events just for them. The weather was picture perfect. The energy at camp was one of relief and a total excitement to play. Kids are talking to each other in groups and there conversations have no device in between them. We are watching your children engage and embrace what they so desperately missed for way to long and it is simply joyful. Though we have all been here for 8 days, acclimating and reconnecting, today feels like our summer began.

There are many ways for our campers to be recognized for their outstanding character and contribution and honoring them as our Campers of the Week is a huge deal at Chenny. It is with great pride as we honor Summer 2021’s Campers of the week.

Girls Side /   Boys Side

Rookies – Emma Shey / Alex Orlando

Freshman – Jagger Sacks / Adam Rashid

Juniors – Abby Sugarman / Dylan Cohen

Middies – Chloe Day / Brett Simpson

Inters – Maya Knobloch / Dylan DeGeorge

Collegiate – Cami Cohen / Jason Benisch

Seniors – Jolie Krieger / Trent Hernandez

Supers – Gracie Frankel / Logan Saltzman

GC’s  – Jess Benisch / Ethan Schwartz

The night ended with a Staff Talent show put on by our incredibly talented staff. They danced and sang and blew our minds with the talent they shared with us. They rapped and performed magic and entertained us. It was an incredible night in Shields Hall watching our kids give standing ovations to the counselors they adore. One counselor who performed tonight came up to me and said this is so outside his comfort zone and how nervous he was but if he was going to impact his campers, he wanted to be an example of being brave and going for it. He brought the house down and got so much Chenny love. Thats how we do it here – face your fears, gain your confidence and be supported the whole way through.