Be the River

We have a saying here at Chenny that has stood the test of time and has become part of our ethos; Be the River, Not the Rock. When you approach life as the river, you are capable to roll with life’s punches and go with the flow. When you are the rock, you get stuck and moving forward seems impossible. Today, I have to honor our oldest campers, our Supers and GC’s who proved to be the river. We had an incredible afternoon planned for them at a an extreme ropes course. We had rented the place to ourselves and after a day of crazy extreme climbing and zip-lining, it was a private catered dinner in an outside pavilion. The day was planned and we were beyond excited for the kids to experience this day of fun. What was supposed to be a beautiful day out for Supers and GC’s became disappointment. The rainstorm that rolled in had different plans for our kids today. They waited and waited and waited some more and then it was time to throw in the towel and head back to camp. What was forecasted as a beautiful day turned out to be even better. No they weren’t able to climb the course today and their outdoor catered dinner was also canceled but your kids were the river. They went with the flow. They chatted with their buddies and laughed with friends. They fell asleep on each other on the bus ride home and they may have even commiserated together with how today was a bummer. But they spent time with one another, engaged with each other, got caught in the rain and got soaked together and these are standout moments that make our summers great. Those moments that happen in between our plans and become way bigger than any ropes course. This trip is already rescheduled and it will happen for our kids, but today they showed how they rolled with it and truly became the river.

We brought in Dominos Pizza for the group and they absolutely loved it. You just can’t go wrong with cheesy bread and Pizza. They rolled with what life threw at them today and that is a skill to be proud of. They are just so happy to be here and be with one another. It’s not where we go but it’s who we’re with that makes all the difference in the world. We couldn’t be prouder of our campers who showed us all how to be the River!