Making Masterpieces

I walked into Arts and Crafts today and stumbled upon a group of Junior boys in our Lego room. They created a giant connected circular lego creation, together. These 8 boys were¬† focused on this masterpiece they were creating and it was massive. They kept building onto it and as they were making it bigger, each camper added their own story to what it was and how big they could make it. They worked together, they used ingenuity, the compromised, they communicated and together they built something way bigger than their creation. I sat in that Lego room and watched in awe as they created bonds and a brotherhood. As the structure got bigger, their commitment to it grew. One of the campers said to the group, “hey guys, we should do this together everyday.” to which every kid jumped in with a “yeah lets do it”. They may have been playing with Legos but what was being created was magic. This is what I get to see everyday. Connections made and nurtured solely by each camper. Nobody is making playdates for them but they them selves are building relationships. It happens organically and that is why I love camp so very much.¬† The lego room was just the backdrop but the heart and soul were those 8 boys sitting around the table, chatting away with one another and making a masterpiece together.

For the first time since Ive been writing these blogs for our parents at home, I missed last nights blog and I deeply apologize. It was a packed day with a doozy of a storm late last night. Our internet connection wasn’t great as there were some trees down just outside of camp so last night blog just couldn’t go up. I know how you at home crave a birds eye view of how your children are doing and let someone who is watching and observing them all, THEY ARE DOING INCREDIBLE. The spirit here is joyful. There is no utopia but this place gets pretty darn close. Opening camp at the end of a global pandemic creates some unique challenges but also some phenomenal opportunities and the one thing that there is absolutely no doubt is that we all need each other. We need to connect. We need to communicate. We need to be needed and we need to sit around a lego table and create masterpieces.