Snack Call

Camp is in full swing and kids have totally settled in. Hard to believe but we have just completed Week 2. For our first time camper parents, they did it!! They have been at sleep-away camp for 2 weeks and are doing so AMAZING!! Their days are filled with so many great moments, one after the other. I love watching the entire camp at snack call. Its at 2:45pm each day right after 4th period, the bugle blows and all the kids come to center camp for snack call. Its my favorite time of the day. I sit and watch the connections between all our campers at snack call. Kids running. to siblings and chatting it away. Believe it or not, those siblings that may ignore each other at home, are so interested and connected at camp. It would make you so proud to see how siblings are there for each other. That has always made me smile but for some reason, this summer our sibling campers are closer than ever. Maybe it was the year we had but your kids are so close and are always looking out for each other. Its incredible to see. So this time at snack call is one of those moments everyday that defines why we are all so connected. Campers running to grab their snacks and grabbing a seat with their buddies all around them. Kids eating with their First Friends and mingling with everyone. Every swing is taken and its a sea of happy snacking happy kids who spent their entire day playing outside and making connections. Its breathtaking on so many levels.

It was Dueling Pianos for evening activity tonight and the kids LOVED LOVED it!! It was a giant sing-along party as the dueling pianos played all the kids requested songs. The roof came off as we all sang together. What an incredible night it was. Our Supers and GC’s got off camp tonight as we rented out a rollerskating rink. We had the place to ourselves. It was so much fun. The kids had a ball. A perfectly fun summer night here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. Our kids deserve moments like these.

It’s Sign & Song tomorrow night and Girls Side is pushing hard with practicing their dances all over camp. Plaques are being completed and there is an energy in the air. Costumes are being finalized and and last minute changes are made. We all can’t wait for this camp favorite – Sign & SongĀ  is here.