Sign & Song Delivered

Oh what a night! Sign and Song was incredible and Girls side blew the roof off the house. An absolutely spectacular show put on by every single girl camper who worked so hard and delivered a brilliant performance. Tonight is all about Chen-A-Wanda tradition and leaving your mark. Every boy bunk and girl bunk made a plaque, decided on a name and created a plaque that will be hung in the bunks till the end of time. Every campers name is on the plaque and that is cemented in Chenny history. There isn’t an alum that comes for a visit that doesn’t search for their plaque as soon as they get here. It’s just what you do – look for your plaque. Once they are hung in the bunks, they are there forever. The artwork was fantastic and the competition was fierce but there could only be one plaque winner for Lower Camp boys and Lower Camp girls and only one winner for Upper camp boys and Upper Girls. A giant congratulations goes to Girls Bunk H and Boys Bunk C for winning lower camp best plaques. Girls Bunk U and Boys Bunk N took home the title of Upper Camp Plaque Winners! When you are a Chenny kid, this means everything.

The main event is the Girls Side dance and boy did they deliver. Events like these are just simply magical. Something special happens when we are all together, doing what every Chenny camper has done before us and what every Chenny kid will do for years to come. Each girls bunk puts on a dance related to their bunk plaque name i.e. Bunk B Boxers put on a dance that was the most adorable dance ever as they all were little boxers. Couldn’t have been cuter, but hopefully you get the point to how they create their dances. They coordinate costumes around their theme and girls side just rocked tonight. It went from the cutest, newest most adorable rookies to the wildly talented and show stopping GC’s who were just incredible. You know you have a great show when all of boys side were so supportive, cheering after every group. They cheered on girls side and the room was electric. It was so campy and it felt so good. Even the counselors that were off duty, came to see the show tonight. It was an absolute packed house with standing room only in Shields Hall. Every counselor was cheering on their kids. During the girls of Bunk M’s dance, I was sitting next to their counselor who was screaming, “Those are my Girls!!!!!” She was standing on the bench, singing along at the top of her lungs. It was total pride and total connection! She turned to me and said,”I cant believe I met these girls 2 weeks ago, they are all my little sisters”. This is what happens here, we celebrate, sing and dance together and bonds are made. It happens that quickly. Two weeks and it becomes the start of a sisterhood and brotherhood, 8 years later and its connections for life. A major congratulations to Girls Bunk L for winning Lower Camp Song and the GC’s in Bunk U dominated with a win for their Song. The night was just right. It was an experience all our new kids loved to see and be a part of and it was something our returning kids yearned for over the past 2 years. It’s what they looked forward to and planned for and it didn’t disappoint. Sign &  Song 2021 is in the books and part of Chenny history. Plaques will go up tomorrow in each bunk and your campers name, hangs on the wall as its their mark that they are forever part of the Chnny family.