Chenny’s Got Great Kids!!!

Today was a great day. We were dodging the rain but got in every activity period. From Gaga to Wiffle ball and everything in between, our kids were playing, swimming and just so busy being active. And the rain doesn’t even kill the mood. Tonight after evening activity it was misting and then that turned into a drizzle  and that then turned into rain and our campers could care less. The little kids headed back to their bunks and older kids were outside singing in the rain. Jumping in puddles and having a ball. Your kids didn’t have a care in the world and a little rain couldn’t dampen their spirits. Nothing could. These are the nights that standout and are oh so memorable. Summer nights, friends by your side, getting wet in the rain and feeling free. This is exactly what all our kids needed and is exactly what all our kids are getting.

It’s that time again for Camper of The Week and there is just something so special when you are recognized for being AWESOME!! The following campers have proven that they are positive, kind and uplifting people who spread joy all around camp. We thank them for all they do to make camp so incredible.

Girls Side /   Boys Side

Rookies -Jolie Schissler / Ryder Diamond

Freshman – Charli McClure / Emmet Rosenberg

Juniors – Ella Goldberg / Jackson Glenn

Middies – Maya Kushner  / Mason Slater

Inters – Morgan Bassuk / Jake Marin

Collegiate – Callie Nadel / Josh Kaftol

Seniors – Taylor Gold / Sam Brief

Supers – Morgan Gary / Drew Schimmer

GC’s  – Ava Golden / Jack Einzig

I always find myself at the right place at the right time and at 7th activity period today, I happened to walk by our new gaming truck and stumbled upon a group of Super Girls all dancing and playing Just Dance together. What struck me was the pure joy this group of 7 girls had experienced together. They were laughing so hard and and smiling so big. It was so much fun to watch them – a group of 15 year old girls who decided to jump in, grab a remote and let loose in front of anyone who walked by. There is loss of inhibition here, there is a sense of acceptance here and that combination makes it so easy to let loose, be silly and not care if the entire camp is watching. It is pure joy getting to watch your kids experience these moments.  Total and complete comfort to be free. Doesn’t get much better than that.