It’s Cool To Be Kind

It was another beautiful day here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda and the fields and courts were full of Intra-camp games and tournaments. Our Rookie girls took on the Freshman girls at a great game of softball. They all played their hearts out and gave it everything they had. The Freshman girls took the Win but there wasn’t a camper who didn’t have the absolute best time. They were just adorable and had a ball. The Inter Girls beat the Middies at soccer and like the little ones, these girls had fun and played their hearts out. Boys side got games in today too. The Seniors and Supers had a fierce game of basketball in Shields Hall with the Supers claiming victory in their 34- 32 win. Tournaments and games are happening daily and our campers are loving it.
Kindness matters here and it is our absolute pleasure reading every single nomination each camper submits in our Kind Camper Box. We started this program a few years ago of asking campers to¬† nominate their peers solely on the kind acts they witness or benefit from. We love reading every single submission and the kindness and kind kids are present here at Chenny. You have no idea the joy we feel when we read the notes your kids write about their friends who did something extraordinary and motivated them to let us know. We read every one of the 233 nominations our campers submitted this week and the kindness was front and center. Their words are as a kind as the act they are describing and nominating. One camper wrote, “She is the nicest and kindest person I have ever met. There isn’t just one thing she does that makes her so kind, its everything and I am so happy we met. Please give her a Kind Camper T-shirt cause there is just nobody more kind than her.” Your kids are nominating people who make a difference in their life and it is an honor to call them out and highlight their greatness. Congratulations to outstanding kind campers. They are the best example of what goodness looks like. If your child is listed below.. kudos to you because your children are amazing people. There is no bigger compliment than from your peers who see you as a kind and caring person. We asked your kids to keep spreading that kindness and our hope is that every single Chenny kid gets a I’m A Kind Camper T-Shirt this summer. You can never go wrong with being kind.
Sammy Rosenthal, Julie Gold, Ireland Rubenstein, Julia Seilback, Brooke Arenberg, Alexa Liberman, Billie Margulis, Brooke Bernstein, Dylan Schissler, Alexa Dombe, Alexa Doncheck, Jordan Fersko, Mandy Adler, Amanda Novick, Morgan Gary, Haylin Roth, Carly Holtzman, Jessie Locker, Lexi Tantleff, Ryan Mallin, Charlie Horton, Elan Harel, Zac Penson, Cade McClure, Ryan Landsberg, Dylan DeGeorge, Ethan Schwarzburg, Parker Eisner, Sam Brief, Jeremy Leon, Ben Kent,
Mason Shulman
It’s Cool To Be Kind!