Game Show Game Day

Our Supers and GC’s headed out to Leahy’s Fun Park where they spent the morning playing mini-golf, arcade games and go-karts. It was old school fun for our oldest kids they loved it. After a morning of fun and games, it was off to Sky Zone for some jumping around at a trampoline park. The kids had an absolute great day hanging with friends, playing arcade games and jumping around. There is just everything right when you have day spent like this. It’s not where you are but who you are with that makes all the difference.

Back at camp, it was Game Show Game Day and the campers spent their day playing games. We had Family Feud, Minute To Win It, Lets Make a Deal and so many other games they played. There were Zombie Road Rallies, Manhunt, Pictionary and our Game Night extravaganza ended with a Giant Game of Alphabet Hunt. It was a total day of play for every single camper.

Watching your kids thrive as they get so into every game, every match , every encounter that lets them just be kids. No worry or stress, just play. That is what I saw today as your kids just spent their day playing. It was joyful  and it was exactly what we all wanted so desperately for our kids. To play silly fun games, feel free and connected and laugh all day long. It was an absolute great day today. We are so so lucky!!!