Gotta Go Jump In The Lake

It was a hot day at Camp Chen-A-Wanda and there was no better place to be than the in the lake or pool. You couldn’t walk 10 feet without hearing, “gotta go jump in the lake”. The Super boys spent the afternoon in the pool playing the most fun game of water basketball. The boys were having the BEST time. They were jumping all over one another, splashing around, getting relief from the heat and  having the greatest afternoon they have had in a long while. It moved from their basketball game to cannonballs off the diving board. These boys had the absolute best time together as they managed to beat the heat.  The lake was full of happy campers too. The tarzan swing and water trampoline were in full use today and kids were beyond excited to go tubing. They had an absolute ball at the waterfront and it was a perfect day to stay wet.

The heat didn’t deter all our other activities. It was a perfect day to play outside knowing that ultimately we all just gotta go jump in the lake. These are what the next 48 days will be like for our kids. Just pure fun.

It was another Divisional Round Robin tonight and the kids had a ball. Night swim, basketball tournament and a summer blockbuster on the giant screen were just a few options kids had for their evening. Another day down and another day spent having fun, trying so many new things and making friendships along the way. We are building a community here and with each passing day, it has become obviously apparent that LIFE IS GREAT AT CAMP CHEN-A-WANDA!