Settling In

It was our first day of regular activities and it felt so good. Baseball tryouts were popping. The theater program had its first set of auditions. The Chenny Shack was packed all day with our campers making the first official pizzas of the summer. All of the campers finished their swim tests and every area of camp was bustling with campers playing, laughing and settling into their summer rhythm.  It was a day that we have imagined and dreamt about for the past 16 months. Walking around and observing the kids was so familiar and natural. It was as if we never missed a summer and the kids just picked up where we all left off and for our new campers, their excitement and joy to be at Chenny is front and center. The spirit here is pure joy and Chenny is by far the happiest place on earth.

A few Inter boys were sitting under a tree together grabbing some needed shade from the hot sun waiting for their turn at archery. They were just chatting away discussing everything from Pokemon to the NBA playoffs. There were 6 campers and a counselor just shooting the breeze under a tree on a hot sunny day. What could possibly be better than that? Sometimes waiting for your turn can be way batter than the activity.

It was Round Robin tonight with each division doing their own thing. There was a Homerun Derby, Campfires, Basketball Tournament, Cake Making, Jewelry designing, Foam Slip snd Slide and other activities that your children had a ball at tonight. They are settling in and getting their camp legs as they are in constant motion.  Our campers are getting so much here at camp but there is no question that your kids are getting their steps in.  They are walking up the hill to Wiffle Ball then back down to the lake for tubing and up again to the skate park.  This experience your kids have embarked on is stimulating their mind, body and soul.

We are off to a great start and as our email to you tonight notes, all our arrival campers and staff tested NEGATIVE. We are one test away from getting back to normal and it feels so good.