Tuesday Trip Day

It was trip day today at Chenny and all our campers had the absolute best time as they ventured out of camp for their adventurous fun day.

Our youngest and most adorable campers had just about the cutest day ever as they went to Claws and Paws Zoo. They saw cool animal exhibits and went on an animal scavenger hunt. They got back to camp and couldn’t tell us fast enough about how great their day was showing us the awesome things they bought today and the minerals and rocks they collected too. It was back to camp for a pizza party and into the Chen-A-Plex to watch a movie all cuddled up any cozy in their pi’s. They were exhausted as many of them fell asleep before the movie ended. All you could see were their counselors carrying sleeping kids back to their bunks. Couldn’t be a cuter and more fun day for our Freshman.

Juniors & Middies had a ball at Leahy’s fun park playing in their giant arcade and mini golf course. After an afternoon winning prizes and having a great time, it was off to the movies to see this summers blockbuster. Some watched Despicable Me 3 and the other kids enjoyed Spiderman. Our kids munched on popcorn and goodies and had a great time being together doing what friends do best, having fun with friends. When they got back to camp after their fun day, it was a pizza party of them too. To end their perfect day it was hanging out in the canteen, watching the MLB All-Star game and playing cards and jacks before it was bedtime for this group.

Mohican Camp (Inters & Collegiates)  spent their day at Camel Beach for some fun in the water park. It was great way to beat the heat while having the time of their lives.  They swooshed down the toilet bowl, got lazy down the lazy river, slipped down the slip and slide and got bounced off the giant bungee blob. They had an absolute awesome day. They came off the bus exhausted and happy. They headed to their bunks for showers and sleep. Just an awesome time for our Mohican campers.

Navajo spent their day at Dorney Park and LOVED it. Nothing is better than amusement parks in the summer with your best friends. It was a day full of roller coasters, log rides, park food, belly laughs and memories that will last forever. What could be better than that? The kids rolled into camp late tonight and got off the buses with huge smiles and even bigger stuffed animals they won at the park. There are some things that truly define our summers and experiencing amusement parks with your campies is one of them.

CIT’s started their day at a local breakfast joint that is so famous and so delicious, all you gotta say is Bingham’s and everyone knows you had the best breakfast in town. Then it was off to Cornell University to tour that beautiful campus and the surrounding area that is breathtaking. They even got to go to a movie to end their day of fun.

All the campers are safe and sound back in their bunks, all exhausted from an amazing day out. Sleeping peacefully and all excited that tomorrow is Brunch day which means they get to sleep in until 9:45am, which was received with giant cheers and many “thank you thank you thank you”. What a successful  trip day, full of memories that will last a lifetime. Your children were absolutely fantastic and every place our Chenny kids were today, we received praise on how well behaved and respectful our campers are.  Gotta love that. We sure do.

Chenny Out