Nancy Tucker Rocks!!

We all got some needed extra sleep this morning after the past 2 ½ days of Olympic fun. It was a lazy late wake-up morning and then off to The Lodge for a delicious breakfast.  We’ve been on high gear since the Olympic games started so our lazy morning was so very needed.

We got right back into camp action this afternoon with regular activities. The weather was perfect and the mood was ideal. It was great getting back to our regular schedule. We went right back into our Wayne County Tournaments.

Collegiate Girls Soccer – CAW 10 @ Island Lake 3

Senior/Super/GC/CIT Girls Tennis Tournament @ Indian Head – Jayden Bier WON Singles/ Corrine Packel & Arielle Ashkenase played in Finals but were defeated (Doubles)/Kylie Gorsky made it it Semi Finals

Middy Boys Baseball – CAW 9 @ Westmont 13

Collegiate Boys Basketball – CAW 88 vs. Poyntelle 15

Senior/Super Boys Hockey – CAW 5 vs. Lavi 2

Senior/Super Boys Basketball Tournament @ Towanda – Game 1 CAW 20 vs. Towanda Game 2 CAW 15 vs. Island Lake 30

At evening line-up we announced our Camper’s of the Week. There is nothing quite like hearing your name being called knowing that you have done a great job this week. These campers earned it and deserve it. Congratulations to these outstanding campers!! We are so very proud of you.

Freshmen                        Hayden Garland                                     Bennet Hamuy

Juniors                             Remi Zaben                                            Owen Isaacson

Middies                           Alexa Galan                                              Austin Levitz

Inters                              Jessica Jaffe & Haylin Roth                  Derek Satz

Collegiates                     Nikki Heifler                                             Josh Baum

Seniors                           Jackie Marpet                                           Mason Berlin

Supers                            Jordan Katz                                               Alex Rosenbaum

GC’s                                Emily Sobel                                               Emery Cohen

CIT’s                               Arielle Ashkenase                                    Joey Block

When you say Nancy Tucker to any camper anywhere, they start to smile, jump up and down and say, “I Love Nancy Tucker”. Everyone loves Nancy Tucker. Nancy is an old school folk music singer that entertains us with her FAMOUS songs like, One Meatball, Jellyfish, Buttons Buttons and her most popular Habitat.. Each one comes with its own hand movements that everyone knows and if they didn’t know it, they do now. I truly can’t explain what Shields Hall looked like tonight with every camper singing along with the very famous Nancy Tucker at Chenny! Such a fun night and one that wont be forgotten. No matter how old our campers get, no matter where their lives take them, they will always remember those nights that they sang along with Nancy Tucker.

Chenny out.