Freshman, Junior & Middies  spent their day at Camel Beach for some fun in the water park. It was perfect weather and we took advantage of this great day.  They swooshed down the toilet bowl, got lazy down the lazy river, slipped down the slip and slide and got bounced off the giant bungee blob. Our littlest kids had a big day out of camp.

Inters, Collates and Seniors had an absolute blast at Aquatopia, a giant indoor water park that took them to new heights. They campers went on ride after ride after ride and had an absolute incredible day.  It was a full day in the water and our campers loved every minute of their Aquatopia adventure.

Our oldest 3 divisions are all enjoying their fabulous trips. Supers are loving their time in Virginia Beach. It was a beach and shopping day for these campers. An absolute perfect day. The GC’s and CIT’s are winding down as they wrap up their west coast adventure with a chill day at the pool in Phoenix. The trip of a lifetime for these kids and they all deserve a summer like this. Were just so happy to give it to them.

All the campers are safe and sound back in their bunks, all exhausted from an amazing day out. What a successful  trip day, full of memories that will last a lifetime. Your children were absolutely fantastic and every place our Chenny kids were today, we received praise on how well behaved and respectful our campers are.  Gotta love that.