Girls Win Whiffle Cup!

It was rise and shine for our Supers who were off to Virginia Beach and Philly. They were ready to roll before the sun came up. These campers have waited for their turn to travel and today was the day. Big kids getting to leave for their big adventure. The excitement was contagious and we are so excited for them. The destination was insignificant, it was the journey and who they are with that matter the most. They loaded those buses and off they went. I know that each one of those kids, couldn’t wait for their turn to travel and experience Chenny on the road. The next few days will be filled with so much fun and new experiences and we couldn’t be more excited for what they have in store.

Our CIT’s and GC’s continue to embrace the west coast with a breath taking trip to the Grand Canyon. When you stand in front of that giant canyon of beauty and are in awe of its grandness, all with your summer family right by your side, this moment will be one they can never forget. This trip they are on is one that will hopefully be with them forever and inspire them with new experiences and places that enrich their lives. We are so thrilled our traveling groups get to experience the sights, smells and sounds of so many new places and getting to share this with their camp friends makes this trip extraordinary. It was a hard few years with so many sacrifices our kids had to make and getting back out on the road with out Chenny kids, there’s just nothing better. Life is getting back to normal and having our trips back on the kids schedule is the absolute best.

“Believe you can and you are halfway there.” Theodore Roosevelt
Collegiate Boys Basketball CAW 29 @ Lavi 41
Collegiate Girls Basketball CAW 27@ Lavi 37
Senior Girls Softball Won CHAMPIONSHIP CAW 9 @ Westmont 4- 3rd Championship of the summer!
Whiffle Cup is an absolute home-run and a camp favorite and tonight did not disappoint. It was girls vs boys and the spirit at camp was high. Girls were proudly wearing neon head-to-toe and boys sported all black. It was waffle ball under the lights and the stage was set. Our players were chosen and the stakes were high. Girls side was represented by: Emily Udler, Charli Houlis, Lily Koenig, Ava Scharaga, Emcee Levine, Simone Singer, Sophie Hichstadt, Dylan Walsh, Sam Rosenthal, Lexi Ortiz, Jamie Eber, Jordana Kohen and Avery Strifas. Boys side players were: Chase Wagner, Brandon Goldberg, Noah Sitmen, Austin Acree, Brandon Eisner, Harrison Plinkington, Enzo, Andrew Marcus, Luke Orlando, Ashton nadel, Landon Schlanger and Elan Harel. If you want to talk fun, tonight was just that. So much spirit. So many chants and cheers and so much fun. It was one of those nights that felt pretty perfect. The weather was ideal and the heat of this past week broke. Girls side pulled out with the win tonight and the MVP was freshman camper Charli Houlis. A night that will standout as a summer favorite. I overheard one of the players on boys side say to his buddy after the loss, “Even though we lost, this was the greatest night because it was just so much fun.” Looks like tonight was a huge win for everyone!