It was just another incredible day at Chenny. Camp looked and felt amazing as we were outside playing under the gorgeous bright sun. As we are approaching the last 2 weeks of camp, we are appreciating every single moment we have here and making every day count.

Freshmen/Junior Boys Hockey CAW won a Wayne County Championship 8-5!

Freshman/Junior Boys Baseball CAW 3 @ Wayne 12
Middy Boy Basketball CAW 21 @ Wayne 18
Inter Girls Softball  CAW 20  @ Starlight 21
Freshman/Junior Girls Soccer  CAW 8 vs Westmont 1
Collegiate Girls Lacrosse  CAW 3 vs Westmont 8

Halloween in July, Why Not??  We were all so into our Halloween costume parade as each camper strutted their stuff down the catwalk. They showed off their ghostly creations and creative costumes. Everyone was in on the fun and loving celebrating Halloween-A-Wanda together. After the parade, it was off to trick or treat and campers went station to station and they filled up their bags with oodles of treats. In true Chenny tradition, the Seniors made a haunted house that spooked and creeped out everyone who dared to enter. It was just a great night of fun and there wasn’t anyone on camp who didn’t enjoy it.

The big kids all come back today and then our summer house will be whole again. As we look to the last 2 weeks here, it’s crazy how fast it went but we aren’t going to waste a second, minute or moment of what is left.  We plan on getting everything out of summer 2022 we possibly can. More fun is to be had and more memories are to be made.