Time To Shine

When we announced auditions for the Camper Talent Show, we had no idea how big of a splash this would be. The line wrapped around the building and the talent was superb. There were singers, dancers, gymnasts, piano players, rappers, magicians and more. Our kids are so incredibly talented and they worked so hard on their acts. They put in the time, rehearsed and were ready for the big show. Tonight didn’t disappoint. It was incredible. Truly magical. Every act put their heart and soul into their moment and tonight was their time to shine. What was remarkable about tonight wasn’t just the talent on stage – It was the audience singing along, screaming their friends name in support, jumping up and dancing, clapping and cheering every inch of the way. When the performance was done, there was an eruption of cheers, yells and crazy support. There were such good vibes inside Shields  Hall  tonight. The feeling was just incredible. The energy was electric.

Then to watch each camper who performed tonight walk up on that stage, no matter how nervous they were and look out to an entire packed Shields Hall and do their thing was beyond impressive. That takes an enormous amount of courage and belief in yourself and we just couldn’t be more proud of every single camper that made tonights show one of our most favorite evening activities of the summer. We had so much talent that we couldn’t fit it all into one show so our Camper Talent Show #2 will be coming in the next few nights. It was our intention to video tape tonights show but we ran into some technical difficultly and were unable to do it. The next show will be taped so be on the lookout for that.

All of the Collgiates  and Seniors spent their night at a twilight swim party. Music, friends, pool games and the most gorgeous sunset at Fiddle Lake is what dreams are made of. It was picturesque and being their took your breath away. The Inters ran a Road Rally and had the most incredible night. They went of a full camp scavenger hunt and it was so much fun to watch them. There was so much going on tonight but camp felt like it was full of happy, content and satisfied campers.

The GC’s and Supers spent their night at Skate Escape with some fun rollerskating, arcade games and laser tag. It was another fun Friday night for our oldest kids on camp. Its not always where you go but who you are with the matters the most. These kids just have developed such strong bonds amongst them, it makes wherever they go an absolute blast. We truly know that they will never forget their summers spent at Chenny together as a summer family.