What an incredible day we had today. I mean really incredible. A day you want to duplicate and never forget. The sun was shining and the weather was absolutely perfect. Not too hot not too cold, just perfect. The campers were literally skipping to breakfast this morning. Actually skipping. You can’t help but have an amazing day when you start out skipping to breakfast. It sets the tone and makes you feel good from the inside out. Not a better way to be and live and fills up your soul with good feelings of positivity. Your children are surrounded by this vibe all day long. It has been 4 weeks and this feeling is why we all Wanda!

Fields were full, studios were rocking, fitness was working out, cooking was delicious and our camp was full of happy kids. Everyday I get to witness the beauty of living in a place for 2 months that breeds good vibes. A place where you are greeted with, “Good Mornings” and “Enjoy Your Day Today” . It’s truly a world of peace and kindness. A place to learn lessons, some harder than others but all that make us better people. We learn so much here and there are daily reminders that this experience changes everyone who opens their heart to Camp Chen-A-Wanda. It’s way more than a summer camp and especially this summer, the experience is so profound an important for every single person here.

Are you ready for some football? Tonight’s Powder Puff game was UNREAL. It was a fierce battle between our GC’s and SUPER girls. GC’s were dressed head-to-toe in black and the Supers sported everything white. They were playing for bragging rights and the stakes were high. Our girls were serious with faces painted and a determination to bring it tonight and of course the guys provided the spirit. They cheered on the girls and the watching crowd. This was our Super Bowl and the kids loved it.  Music pumping, everyone dancing and the game was intense.  The GC’s took the lead early with the first Touchdown and then a comeback as the Supers took over. It was heading for a tie and in the last few minutes as the Supers had an interception that sealed their win.  With the upset of the summer, the Supers pulled out the “W” with a  21-14 victory but we were all the winners with an epic summer night! There is so much pride and tradition with Powder Puff and tonight just didn’t disappoint. An awesome game played hard by our Super and GC girls. The boys supported the girls with their off the chart spirit. They may not have been on the field playing but their energy was flying high.