Corn Day.. It was aMAZEing

It was anything but a typical day today at Camp Chen-A-Wanda as the Corn Man came to Chenny and he hit it out of the park with his delicious sweet roasted corn on the cob. He started roasting the corn early in the morning and that yummy sweet smell covered every corner of camp all day long. Mid afternoon came, it was time and the campers were ready. You have no idea how much your kids LOVED the roasted corn. It was the sweetest most yummy corn I have ever had and there wasn’t a camper who ran up to myself and Jon asking for the Corn Man to came back every summer, which he will. Were all hooked. One Junior boy, in between bites said “My mom will never believe me when I tell her I ate Corn on the Cob”. And of course what else is the perfect summer treat but a tall cold glass of homemade lemonade to go with our sweet corn. It was just a delicious day.

Campers played games , went to activities, played in the lake and had a carefree kind of day. The kind of day we have all wanted our kids to have for quite some time now. It was good old fashion fun in Shields Hall tonight with Simon Sez. That silly addicting game is alive and well and still gets us every time. With all the technology that has occupied our minds and daily practices for so long, it is so incredible to watch your kids play a game that has stood the test of time. A simple game with no frills or special effects can grab the attention of so many. To say your kids loved this night is an understatement. Simon says, laugh so hard your belly hurts. Simon says, have the greatest time at camp. Simon says, make great friends and Simon says, summers at Chenny are just the best.