This Is Why We Wanda!

What an incredible day we had today. I mean really incredible. A day you want to duplicate and never forget. The sun was shining and the weather was absolutely perfect. Not too hot not too cold, just perfect. The campers were literally skipping to breakfast this morning. Actually skipping. You can’t help but have an amazing day when you start out skipping to breakfast. It sets the tone and makes you feel good from the inside out. Not a better way to be and live and fills up your soul with good feelings of positivity. Your children are surrounded by this vibe all day long. It has only been 4 days and this feeling is why we Wanda!

Fields were full, studios were rocking, fitness was spinning, cooking was delicious and our camp was full of happy kids. Sports try outs are happening and our campers are giving it their all. I watched as a Middy boy was up at bat getting instruction from our coaches and getting praised for his effort. He stood taller after each pitch and you could see his confidence rise with the encouragement of our staff. That child worked on his swing and hit a double and he rounded each base with a smile that would melt your heart. Once he reached second base, I heard him say that he never knew he could hit like that. He didn’t like to play at home because he felt that he wasn’t good enough but here at Chenny, he felt like a star. It was pure joy and I was sure glad to see it. This is why we Wanda!

The Dating Game is a camp tradition that everyone loves at Chenny. Our kids were up on stage, as bachelors and bachelorettes. Asking crazy questions about love that made everyone laugh. One camper sang to prove his adoration for the mystery girl sitting behind the partition. The other showed his love with a poem he made up on the spot. He brought the house down and our kids made this night one to remember. Love was in the air tonight and this is why we Wanda!

Chenny out