Jumping In Puddles

Even rain can’t stop the fun up here at Chenny. Regardless if you are wearing sneakers with the sun shining or rain boots with grey clouds, we still seem to have the most incredible days here. There were a group of boys that were jumping in puddles and having a ball. The puddle was there and they had to jump in it. Had to! A few years back, I learned a lesson that has stayed with me to this very day. As a mom, I always tried to have my kids avoid puddles as it would soak their shoes and get their feet wet and muddy. Even here at camp, I found myself telling to kids to be careful of puddles and mud as it may ruin their shoes, soak their socks and their feet would get cold. But that was then until a group of amazing young kids turned my thoughts from wet soggy feet to having the time of their life playing in puddles. I realized that a puddle to a kid is like moth to a flame – It is unavoidable. So I learned that telling kids to avoid those puddles are futile. I would much rather wash their shoes and socks after puddle jumping fun than keep a child from jumping in. Why? Because it’s fun, it’s freeing and it’s letting go of inhibition. So today with that group young boys, I jumped in too. My shoes were soaked and yes my feet were cold but I laughed along with them and had the time of my life jumping in puddles with your kids.

Today began our Wayne County Tournaments and our kids played with heart and grit. Playing up here is so very different than playing at home. There is never any stress, never any disappointment and playing at camp is playing for the love of the game.

Collegiate Boys Soccer –  CAW 2 @ Camp Wayne 9

Senior Boys Basketball – CAW 53 @ Camp Wayne 14

Super Boys Basketball – CAW 22 @ Camp Wayne 41

It was Sense and Nonsense for our younger campers tonight. Boys side vs. girls side and with blindfolds on, they had to touch, taste and smell certain items and guess what they were. They LOVED the show tonight and many of our campers were on stage sniffing, touching and tasting. It was hilarious and the kids loved it. Our older kids spent their evening in a black light party in the Canteen. Faces were painted with glowing in the dark paint and the canteen was fully black lighted. Music was pumping, dancing was happening and the kids had a ball. Just another day with purpose, play and meaning up here in paradise.

Chenny out!