This is Summer

As our first day has come to an end, I couldn’t think of better words to relay the feeling of summer at Camp Chen-A-Wanda than this poem written by Jason Levine who grew up here at camp. He so perfectly chose words about the magic of summer that resonates with all of us. How lucky are we to live in such a beautiful place with positive passionate people doing incredibly fun activities all summer long. After a long day of travel, combined with some nerves and lots of excitement your kids are soundly sleeping. Camp is quiet and it is so awesome to have all our campers back at their summer home. There is lots to do in these next 49 days and we won’t waste a minute. So to you, our Chenny Families at home, we say.. enjoy reading our blogs, combing through the thousands of pictures and smiling when you view our videos. THIS IS SUMMER!!!

Chenny Out.


This is summer 

When endless days fade into unforgettable nights 

When the cool lake makes the heat okay 

and the warm embrace of a friend warms your face til the nighttime ends 

This is summer

When summer rain can’t take away our fun and games 

We run and say the day is long we long to play 

This is summer 

When Bells become Bugles

and classrooms turn into courts 

When homework becomes home runs 

Exit the exam

quit the quiz 

erase the essay 


This is summer 

When fields are filled with fun 

the sun shining on pool parties and biddy basketball the cool competition let’s settle it in tetherball 

This is summer 

When adventure awaits the bold and brave 

You can ski you can climb you can jump you can fly 

This is summer

When basketball is the only task we ask for 

or toss a baseball play lacrosse launch a ball across the crossbar 

This is summer

When we take breaks at the lake shore

We ache, we want more

This is the two we live ten for

This is summer 

When lonely winter’s cold hands no longer hands us frozen snow it shows on our smiles miles away from home 

We’ve waited and hated the wait. 

created a bond that never fades. 

This is summer 

When who you are becomes who you act like and you act like who you wanna be 

When friends are family and family is forever 

When a bunk becomes a brotherhood 

and sisters stay awake saying never stray away, stay here 

hear that? 

Summer is here 

and This. Is. It. 

This is Chen a Wanda